Karaoke World Championship

The 15th annual Karaoke World Championships Finals will be held in Helsinki, Finland, between 14th – 18th November 2017. The World finals for the largest and most prestigious amateur singing contest in the world will return to the country that started it all for Finland’s 100th anniversary of independence!

The Finnish capital Helsinki will be hosting a full week of KWC related events. We will have a KWC Festival with various karaoke and singing related activities, shows and after parties – besides of course seven rounds (4 solo rounds + 3 duet rounds) of wonderful singers competing for the World Champion titles.

As a result of our Finals being in Helsinki this year, we will hold off on our plans for the Summer Camp until the following year for obvious reasons.

We have two beautiful venues: Le Bonk is a luxury night club located in the center of Helsinki and Nosturi is a concert hall venue with state-of-the-art sound and light equipment very close to city center. Our schedule will look like this:

  • 14th November: Welcome Party and KWC 2017 Kickoff at Le Bonk
  • 15th November: Competition day 1 at Le Bonk
  • 16th November: Competition day 2 at Le Bonk
  • 17th November: Competition day 3 at Le Bonk
  • 18th November: Final rounds + Awards at Nosturi

Full Festival Pass will be available at an affordable price!

Frequently asked questions

How can I win the Karaoke World Championships – the biggest amateur singing competition in the world?

The first step is participating National Trials. The winner gets a paid trip to represent their country in the World Final. There will be four rounds performed in three days. The last man and woman standing win the title!

How can I join as a competitor then?

Check whether or not your country is listed on the Countries-page. There will be a link to the Local Organizer’s webpage, where you should find more information about the trials.

But am I eligible to compete?

If you are over 18 years of age and consider yourself an amateur singer; if you don’t do paid singing performances on weekly basis and if you’re not funded by a third party, you may be eligible. Contact your Local Organizer for details.

I’m a foreigner living in a new country, can I represent it in the competition?

Yes, provided that you have citizenship and have lived in the new country over three (3) years.

Which songs can I choose?

We have a catalog of over 100,000 songs available to choose from. However, you may use your own backings as long as they are licensed and/or legitimately purchased.

What is in it for the winner?

The winner gets the title of Karaoke World Champion and an invitation (travelling expenses paid) to perform in the next year’s World Final Event, a cash prize and a sponsor prize.

What if I already participated, can I try again?

Former country representatives cannot participate the World Final Event again as a competitor. Everyone else is welcome to try again every year.


La final mundial de la más grande y prestigiosa competencia de canto